This is an odd issue and I'm not sure where to post it since I don't know where the problem lies ;(

Using Firefox to access Fronter at times freezes my computer. I think there is something here to do with Java. This may or may not be part of the issue. Now on Fronter I can use Elluminate for synchronous conferencing - meeting room with shared whiteboard, video, audio, chat etc.

If I logon to my network account Elluminate will load all the parts and connect to the meeting room, through the proxy (YHGfL). However, if I logon to the local machine the connection times out and thus fails.

My question, what do I need to check? What's the difference between the local machine account and my network account? There are no policies on either account, apart from the domain policy which sets the proxy for the network account. The same proxy setting is on the local machine. The local firewall is not switched on, all other facilities, sites, pages work fine on the local machine. Just this one refuses to connect.

Anyone got any ideas or suggestions, please?