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How do you do....it? Thread, Photo sharing website that offers prints? in Technical; Can anyone recommend a photo-sharing website that: Offers a print service to the UK (Flickr only offers this to the ...
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    Photo sharing website that offers prints?

    Can anyone recommend a photo-sharing website that:

    1. Offers a print service to the UK (Flickr only offers this to the US at present)
    2. Does not require registration just to view the images (damn you SnapFish)

    Not necessarily looking just at free sites; any that attract fees for us to use them would also be considered.

    The reason I ask is because my school would like to share photos of the school's public events (sportsdays, prizegiving, etc.) and give parents the option to buy prints without the school having to manage the transaction.

    (The issue of obtaining of parental permission to publish the photos is already resolved, btw.)

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    Use gallery2 hosted on your own server/host with the plugins for the many printers that devolpers have made (school will get a affilate donation too)

    If you pm me I can set up a testing subdomain with Gallery2/plugins already installed & configured, so you can have a play. As fantastico installs it with them already sorted.

    (offer open to anyone & for any fantastico installed products (list on the site) btw, just need your email address so fantastico will autosend the details of the install to you)
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    You could try Kodak

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