Having reviewed my current call out fee's to staff at work, I decided that a total overhall of prices was in order.

I want to send an email saying the following, can anyone else please make a suggestion upon where it can be improved. The primary purpose of the email is to deter staff calling me at stupid hours (anything beyond 6pm is a stupid hour to me!) but also to maintain a decent pricing structure.

Due to various members of staff calling and texting me out of hours to get me to try to talk them through various technical issues, I have decided that I shall provide this service, but at a cost as it is above and beyond my job remit.
The fees are as follows:
  • £25 Call or text fee/Call out fee
  • £Job Fees - Depends on type of job, specifics below – First hour charged at full rate regardless if job is completed in 5 mins or 50 mins.
  • £Petrol (depending on location, charged at £2 + 20p per mile)

To make sure that everyone understands, there is a minimum of £40 cost to call me out of hours for ANY technical support. All calls will be logged and you will be billed for this service. This is a discounted service as it is 33% below my usual fees for the general public.
Please bear this in mind when calling or texting.

Job Fees
  • Email troubleshooting - £15 per hour
  • Internet troubleshooting - £15 per hour
  • Laptop troubleshooting - £15 per hour
  • Driver installations/upgrades (home equipment and work equipment) - £15 per hour
  • External Device (USB Sticks, USB Hard drives) troubleshooting - £15 per hour
  • Program installations (Must have proof of purchase of item/license of installation for software - especially for school equipment!) - £20 per hour
  • Laptop maintenance - £20 per hour
  • Laptop tuning (improving performance) - £20 per hour
  • Home PC maintenance - £20 per hour + parts (if applicable)
  • Home PC tuning (improving performance) - £20 per hour
  • Home PC Upgrades - £20 per hour + parts
  • Personal Laptop Upgrades - £25 per hour + parts
  • Setting up home internet - £25 per hour
  • Home PC Restore Disk creation - £30 per hour + parts
  • Home PC backups - £30 per hour + parts (if applicable)
  • Online PC backups - £30 per hour + £10 per month online storage fee
  • Wireless Integration at Home and Work - £35 per hour
  • Server Installation - £40 per hour (server and network equipment - such as switches, hubs, routers - not included)
  • Windows Operating System installations - £45 per hour (You must have a valid license for Windows if you wish to have it installed)
  • Linux Operating System installations - £50 per hour (You must inform me which version of Linux you want installed)
  • Complete Home network setup £400 per day + parts

Any other jobs, please ask for a quote.
I appreciate all help in this matter.

Many thanks