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How do you do....it? Thread, email disclaimer for primary school in Technical; We have users sending offensive emails so need help to write up a brief disclaimer ,primary school kids. what do ...
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    email disclaimer for primary school

    We have users sending offensive emails so need help to write up a brief disclaimer ,primary school kids. what do you guys use?

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    A nicely worded letter sent home where the child and his/her parents must also sign.
    A description of what a good resource email is and how it will set them up for secondary school and future life.
    Then a bulleted list of expectations from the pupils declaring what is appropriate and what is not, run off a photocopy, send them home with each child and anyone who doesn't bring them back is blocked. Anyone violating the terms is then blocked with a letter home explaining their actions?

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    We are in the process of putting together an AUP which will include a set of rules for acceptable use of ICT which the pupils will have explained to them, and the intention is to send these home with a letter for parents/carers. There is a bullet point section on email. We are proposing to ban them for using any email except their school account whilst in school, and we also have points that ask them to agree to be polite and kind and not put personal details in emails (address, mobile phone numbers, etc.) for safety. I did a search for Acceptable Use policies on here and generally on the web, and there is a sample on our Learning Platform, and then we just pulled together what we thought was appropriate. It needs to be worded simply for young children, but the plan is to have the teachers go through it with the children prior to sending it home.

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    Email Solution

    I work with over 100 primary schools and have found the best solution is to have a good email system, I have implemented Primary Email into a lot of schools, it automatically content filters emails against bully and sexual predators, you can have your own disclaimer too. This covers all the swear word problems and give piece of mind knowing that inbound emails are checked for sexual predator filtering.
    It is a small pain changing your email solution but I have got over 50 schools using it and they have found it to be allot better than the other solutions available

    I have found this solution cheaper than any other company too.

    The address is http://primaryemail.co.uk

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