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    DVD Ripping

    Just recieved an email from head of maths which goes:

    We have purchased 2 dvdís. How can I get them onto the system so that any teacher can run them in any room?

    Thanks, Carol
    just checking before i start spouting legal gubbings, that ripping DVDs is illegal, if it is hollywood film type. although if it is a (poorly produced) educational DVD, then it should be ok....ish?

    also what is the law about digitizing vhs vids etc

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    A good search will bring up many threads.

    Basically, unless you have permission from the publishers, then no!

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    I don't think it's illegal per se, but equally I don't believe there is any notion of 'fair use' in UK law. I also doubt very much the copyright holder expressly gives permission to do this. You'd have to look at the copyright notice at the start of the DVD to see if they expressly forbid such format transfer. That said it would, I think, be a matter for the civil courts not criminal.

    That said, if you rip the DVD then make it available on a network share that is a whole other kettle of fish. In this case this would be against copyright law and be illegal as more than one copy can be run at the same time.

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    I personally would refuse point blank.

    Any requests to copy music/dvds I say no to.

    A Guide to Copyright Licensing in Schools for more info

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    It depends. If they are educational DVDs, then the producer may well stipulate that they CAN be copied; limited to your establishment. However, that will differ between one DVD and the next. If they say nothing "Pro" copying, then it is fair to assume that you may NOT copy them. Purchaced VHS tape is no different in this context.

    So far we are working on the assumption that this is "Moving Picture" DVD rather than software; the same applies. What does the disk/package say you can do? Even if it say "No", you could write to the producer asking for a waiver, which for educational use, they may give.

    If the material were recorded off-air (free-to-view channels) your school or LA may have an ERA licence that will allow for storage on a server. Or and ERA licence that allows for sharing with other similarly licenced establishments.

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