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How do you do....it? Thread, Remote Access Connection Speed in Technical; Hi, I was wondering of any of you smaller schools have a seperate line just for Remote Access. We have ...
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    Remote Access Connection Speed


    I was wondering of any of you smaller schools have a seperate line just for Remote Access. We have a ADSL line for the internet which runs at 4meg but we have boarders so the evening usually is useless for RDPing as they are using all the internet.

    We did have a spare ISDN line which got cancelled a while ago but I wondered if this was the way to go if I wanted a dedicated line..

    Oh and we are on a very tight budget.

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    we're not lucky enough to have a separate line... one day maybe and we're quite a big school..

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    RDP isn't the leanest protocol... turning down the colour depth and disabling sound and other non-essential things will help. ICA (Citrix XenApp) is better but will cost you.

    You could of course limit the bandwidth available to the boarders - throttle them down to that only a fraction f the connection is available. ADSL is asymetric though so you won't be getting any where near 4 Mbit from a remote connection at the best of times.

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