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How do you do....it? Thread, Removing Local Profile Creation in Technical; Hello All I am working on a problem that I am not sure what the solution is. Here is my ...
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    Removing Local Profile Creation

    Hello All

    I am working on a problem that I am not sure what the solution is. Here is my problem. I am having slow login for computers because each time a student logs in they have to wait for the computer to create their account and settings. We freeze our hard drives so even if they use the same computer it doesnt save the settings.

    Is there a way I can bypass the account creation for each user?

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    unfortunately, no.

    Even if you have a non-network machine, the first time a user logs on a copy of the default user profile is made for them to use.

    What you can do is make sure that the profile they get is as small as possible and does as little setting up as possible. You don't say what sort of profile the user is picking up (could be just using default user from the C: drive; default user from netlogon on a domain or a specific mandatory profile) but the principle is the same. Look at the profile that's going to be used. What's in it that could go? Is there anything under "local settings"? If so, lose it all - it's not supposed to roam so it's not really a loss. What's under "application data"? Is there stuff that could be removed?

    Try to capture the profile of a user that's logged on and use that as your default - this should mean that any "first run" stuff won't have to be re-run.

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    This thread: Creating a small mandatory profile

    And the wiki: A Guide to Profiles

    Should help quite a bit!

    Staff here have roaming profiles the children have mandatory profiles. I run a script to delete cookies which helps to keep the staff roaming profiles smaller. Make sure you redirect everything possible!

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    When i create a new image i tend to set up all applications under an administrator account. I then create a brand new profile that i'll use to replace the default profile. That way all the temp files and setup guff is in the Administrator account rather than the one that everyone will be creating when they log in.

    So in the new profile i set up the usual stuff like desktop wallpaper etc. Then i run all the programs that usuall have a first run dialogue...acrobat, office etc. I also try to disable updates of things like Java so the popups don't annoy users.

    I then copy this profile over the default user and as a general rule it's well under a Mb. It's still slow logging in, but it's not as bad as it could be!

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