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How do you do....it? Thread, Multiple File Spell Checking in Technical; One of the SMT has asked for reports for the pupils to be done via sims but he needs to ...
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    Multiple File Spell Checking

    One of the SMT has asked for reports for the pupils to be done via sims but he needs to check all of the word documents that the staff have created for spelling mistakes does anyone know how to spell check several documents at once?


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    Re: Multiple File Spell Checking

    I would imagine it can be done through VBA or VBScript. This Google Groups thread may be of use:


    If he's doing the spellchecking himself I think some sort of VBA macro in Word would be best although it's not going to be much quicker than just opening loads of files and spell-checking them one-by-one.

    Hopefully he's aware of how much work he might be doing.

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    Re: Multiple File Spell Checking

    I take it that the reports are done via assessment manager (the text being put into free text boxes).

    Just create a master data entry marksheet for groups (by form, by subject or by year group) and this can be exported out into Excel. You then use the spell check in excel ... once corrections have been made you the use the same excel file to import back into the mark sheet.

    Be warned ... the export / import can take some time if done in large groups.

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