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How do you do....it? Thread, Burning reliable audio CDs in Technical; I tend to knock my burner down to 24x for most CDs but for some reason my cars head unit ...
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    I tend to knock my burner down to 24x for most CDs but for some reason my cars head unit has given up playing audio CDs. Just starts skipping manically after 10 minutes of play. However it plays Mp3 CD's just fine :/

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    CDs: Only the highest quailty stock *ahem *; regularly and successfully using the cheapest selection from Woolworths and CostCutter. I have had a very, very low failure rate; certainly not high enough to warrant using more expensive CDs.

    Burn speed/software: On a selection of Xp machines, I have done nothing speacial and burn audio via Windows Media Player and iTunes...

    Maybe I just get lucky?

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    Do a fair bit of home audio production and send off demos from time to time. No aspirations of fame or anything! Won't see El Nombre on the charts anytime soon.

    Best CDs I've found are Taiyo Yudens, and burning at half the drive's max speed or less seems to work out best for me.

    Worst CDs we ever had were these white label Infinity CDs for a batch of 200 EPs we burned ourselves (drives got warm that day. Warm and broken.) 'Orrible things.

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    I tend to burn at the speed just below full speed. I usually burn using iTunes or Toast. Don't usually have a problem. I actually burnt a CD Saturday for the car. Not tested yet though

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