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How do you do....it? Thread, Active Desktop in Technical; Sorry to bring this post back to life but having redirected my Application Data I get a 429 error when ...
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    Re: Active Desktop

    Sorry to bring this post back to life but having redirected my Application Data I get a 429 error when running gecko's script bnut not when redirection is off!

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Active Desktop

    Hi guys,

    Sorry have not checked here for a while as it has been a bit busy towards the end of term, anyhow in reply to:

    Buzzard: Would like to know more about the "check my Quota"

    Mark: What's that 'check my quota' shortcut Ozan?
    I do not use MS in built quota stuff as I feel it is not flexible enough so I bought a bit of software called SpaceGuard available at http://www.tools4ever.com/products/spaceguard/ and I believe I got it for £360

    It is a really nice bit of kit as you simply create your quota profile i.e. 20mb hard drive space, pop up at 50%, email at 80%, revoke access at 100%, and then apply it to your folders.

    Now if you cahnge your quota it updates realtime to all flder that have the quota applied to it but the really neat thing is controlling what users can store by simply specifyinh the banned file extensions and hey presto no more MP3's ;-)

    It comes with a free client tool, deployed via hidden network share, which allows users to check thier quota, after 4 months of putting it in no more storage nightmares.

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    Re: Active Desktop

    Sounds good - yet another tool to suggest to the SMTs


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