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How do you do....it? Thread, Set Wake-on-LAN remotely in Technical; I've a sneaking suspicion that the answers I get for this will include lots of s but here goes... Is ...
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    Set Wake-on-LAN remotely

    I've a sneaking suspicion that the answers I get for this will include lots of s but here goes...

    Is there a way I can set each machine's BIOS to enable wake-on-lan via some sort of batch-file/script/whatever, so that I don't have to visit each of 180+ machines in 80+ different rooms individually?

    We've not had our budget set for this year yet, so I'd prefer freeware if possible. Many thanks.

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    It depends on the make of PC but for most modern PCs the answer is yes. HP and Dell both have utilities to allow you to make BIOS settings remotely; the HP is easy to use, the Dell less so.

    If the machines have vPro or AMT stickers on then you've got complete remote management facilities (and a replacement for WoL if you want it) otherwise look for terms like "SMBios" (System Management BIOS I think!) and a utility to go with it.

    Even if the answer was "no" I wouldn't expect anyone laughing at you - the question you're asking is absolutely spot-on in terms of common sense. Anything which requires you to go and "touch" hundreds of machines is a bad idea so looking for a way to automate that is totally sensible!

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