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How do you do....it? Thread, Restricting Dual Boot in Technical; Heya, what im trying to do is dual boot Windows Xp with another Windows xp, but what i would like ...
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    Restricting Dual Boot


    what im trying to do is dual boot Windows Xp with another Windows xp, but what i would like to know is: Is there a way to restrict one of the Partitions at certain times. for example

    They would only be allowed access to the second XP at Lunch/Breaktime.
    and they would only be able to choose the First Xp at any other time.

    Ive spent a bit of time googling but cant seem to find anything, any alternatives you can think of are welcome.


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    I would guess you want to do this for internet restrictions or to allow gaming or something?

    In this case surely it would be easier to create a games account that is only allowed logon at those times, or set up your internet so it is unrestricted (or whatever) at those times.

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    Whats it for? You could make an account on the second partition with logon time restrictions, then even if they boot to it they wouldn't be able to log in.

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