We have some Lenovo laptops for teachers. They don't appear to be automatically detecting the resolution of some of our projectors. Either they will stay in the laptops default res which is too high for the projector or drop to 800x600 which causes problems with our Securus AUP screen.

I have tried using ResSwitch in both logon.bat and a .bat file in 'All Users/Startup' folder. I have had the same result with both. The script works, changes the res to 1024x768, but then something else (part of the graphics driver?) kicks in and resets the screen back to the laptop default (1200x900 (i think)).

Anyone seen anything like this before? Can anyone give me tips/pointers on how to either set the res to 1024x768 permanently, or disable whatever it is that is forcing the res back after logon as completed?