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How do you do....it? Thread, Media Studies in Technical; How do you do it? We have been running media studies this year and some of the file sizes being ...
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    Media Studies

    How do you do it?

    We have been running media studies this year and some of the file sizes being created are for me stupidly big. To be fair to the teacher in charge he has not been given any proper training and has just had a few camcorders and other kit thrown at him.

    How are your staff/kids saving video files, what format, compression etc?

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    Re: Media Studies

    I am scared of the thought of Media Studies, its a possibilty for into in a year or two and I thought as much as this in terms of data storage space.... But storage is cheap now, so get lots of it

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    Re: Media Studies

    We deliberately limited movie sizes for projects to small sizes thinking about the space we had available. One off projects got archived off onto dvd straight away and removed from vanilla storage ...is how we handle it.

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    Re: Media Studies

    would you believe that the exam board for the media studies course here, actually requires production on video as in VHS not dvd or digital media!! thats how we get round it lol

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    Re: Media Studies

    We're redoing the media studies kit at the moment. I've just ordered a 1TB terastation pro (roughly £500) and a Gb switch dedicated to media studies so they don't dump massive files to the main fileservers / network.

    Now I just need to configure the switch so they can't do it by mistake. The stuff they work on can be massive 2Gb files, the finished product (that might get stored long-term) is usually pretty small (.mov).

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