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How do you do....it? Thread, New to budget setting seeking advice! in Technical; I'm the IT bod in a primary school. Our Administrator came to me yesterday asking me to give some thought ...
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    New to budget setting seeking advice!

    I'm the IT bod in a primary school. Our Administrator came to me yesterday asking me to give some thought to a budget for the next financial year. In the past the Head has been setting the budget but he has moved on to a SIP role. So I'd be very grateful for any advice that might be forthcoming from fellow forum members.

    We have 270 on the role including, 10 classrooms a SEN environment, an IT suite of 32 new reasonable spec XP Pro workstations a newish decent spec server running Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition LTO Backup. No VLE, our Web is currently run by a parent but it looks likely this will be heading my way as well. Software is up to date and does the job - 2 Simple Collection, MS Office 2007, Softease etc. We have Espresso and a second Server which is going to become a back up for the existing machine.

    I have identified existing kit that will need replacing but the reason I'm posting this question is to get a feel for if there is any area we ought to be looking to factor into the budget.

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    It may be a little out of date with the costs but the IT Investment planner is quite handy.

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    Consumables ... Toner, Inkjet cartridges backup tapes etc.

    You need to factor a certain amount in for maintenance ... even with a 3 year warranty, there may be repairs that aren't covered ... mice, keyboards, damage etc.

    Look at other equipment that may fail and need replacing .. printers, scanners.

    If you are going to be looking after the website, do you have the necessary software ... Dreamweaver or the likes.

    Additional network sockets, additional power sockets.

    Do staff have laptops, what happens if one gets dropped/stolen/FUBAR'd ... look at the costs of replacing it. (LEA insurance often has a £500 excess)

    What criteria have you used to identify replacement workstations? Do any staff laptops need replacing?

    Forthcoming projects ... expanding the network infrastructure, installing wireless.

    Do you have the necessary equipment to do your job? ... tools, testers, software, reference material.

    Antivirus renewal, broadband renewal, support contract renewals, SIMS support/licence renewals. Subscription to websites/software.

    These are a few off the top of my head and should give you a few things to think about

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    Okay, quick (no doubt incomplete) list off the top of my head:
    - existing kit which you know will need replacing (this sounds like a good opportunity to introduce a product lifespan / replacement program if you don't already have one)
    - repairs to existing equipment
    - upgrades, e.g. memory, for existing equipment
    - areas where current provision isn't adequate, e.g. is 32 PCs in your Suite enough? If not, do you need more PCs in that room, or a second room? Do all core subjects have IWBs/projectors? Are there departments with uneven facilities, e.g. 3 rooms, but 2 projectors?
    - introduction of new Stuff, e.g. laptop trollies, touch-screens, GPS units in Geography, visualisers, digital camcorders blah blah blah (this should be done in consultation with the departments, of course!)
    - potential impact of ongoing/increased use of resources, e.g. if English have just bought a shiny new camcorder, or Art have just started using Paintshop Pro, do you have the storage and backup resources to support their use?

    That will do for now!

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