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How do you do....it? Thread, Exchange Filtering in Technical; Have recieved an email from one of the SMT who recieved a mail with foul language on. TBH not fussed ...
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    Exchange Filtering

    Have recieved an email from one of the SMT who recieved a mail with foul language on. TBH not fussed about the matter (i know where the delete key is, or is a mail from my missus talking dirty). but just to keep him quiet is there any method of filtering mail on an exchange server.

    if so what do you use?

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    TBH if you are after something to sit on top of Exchange and filter then it will cost big time most stuff for exchange does.

    If you are prepared to put soemthing in front of the exchange server then there are a number of options and I would opt for a VM of sorts as these tend to be free and allow fro trial and error.

    Good place to look is : Virtual Appliance Marketplace, Virtual Appliances, VMware Appliance - VMware

    I would take a look at proxmox as this has fairly good filtering.

    As a second thought are you wanting to stop the email coming in or filter the content i.e. replace words with ******* ?

    The later would be hard to do.


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    What do you use to filter spam? we're currently using pure message which includes a content filter... We're not currently using the content part but would if pupils had mail access.

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    We use Symantec Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam for Exchange Server. Not cheap, but really really solid - very easy to manage.

    Seriously good spam filtering!

    We had the same problems, and we have email accounts for all our students as well - Don't want them to get Viagra adverts every day - or worse "enlargement" advise!

    If you are serious about stopping the problem - get a reputable solution!

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    We use Sophos puremessage, it catches a lot, it quarantines a lot, and some still gets through............
    We use the content filtering as well and it catches several messages a day where the kids send eaach other stupid messages. If you do filter the pupils be warned that apparently 'come' is now spelt as 'cum' by todays youngsters which puremessage doesn't like I get a fair few of those filtered every day!

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    If you have exchange 2007, you can set a transport rule to check incoming (or outgoing - or both [2 rules]) email for subject/body content with words from a list, then either send a custom NDR (YOUR EMAIL HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY OUR PROFANITY FILTER blah blah) and a copy to a designated mailbox or flatout rejection.

    Or, if you have antispam on the box enabled, you could add 'black list' into the content filter although I think that only does external coming in.


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