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How do you do....it? Thread, games on USB key in Technical; Originally Posted by DrPerceptron They may not twig None of the kids here have twigged yet that putting 'IT_' before ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPerceptron View Post
    They may not twig

    None of the kids here have twigged yet that putting 'IT_' before all their work allows them to save any format they like.
    If any of them from either schools read or go on edugeek - they do now lol and the words spread like wild fire mean anything ?

    Not trying to start a flame war just pointing out the obvious

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    I've tried, and subsequently failed, to use SRP to restrict .SWF files from being executed...

    Bg problem with .SWF files, again due to Flash being on the curriculum

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    perhaps if you restrict it to load off the server from an area that is read only and not write? that way the teacher gets them to save there work in 1 place and can edit there work without a problem, and then they can only open work they or the teacher has done?

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    Call me old fashioned, but isn't it the teachers' job to maintain discipline and stop pupils from doing things they're not supposed to do in lessons?

    Otherwise, we'll be in danger of people asking us to work out how to disable their fists to stop them fighting, or their mouths so they can't eat in class!

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