I had a meeting today with two women from our LEA. They have told us that we will be having four new VI (Visually Impaired) kids in September to go with the 4 we already have. Because of this they are looking to invest a few quid in our school and use it as a pilot school for VI in our area. They came up with all sorts of ideas, some practical some impractical, the kids will all have a laptop to use which has Zoomtext on as well as Webbie for web browsing.

They talked about adding extra network points in all the rooms (no just IT) for the kids to use their laptops on the network, but they are worried about the inclusion issue.
They talked about the issue of kids not being able to read the IWB and talked of having special cameras that they would use to look through to make the IWB more easy to read for them.
They talked of putting 1 19"tft in every ICT room just for the use of the VI pupils if they had a lesson in that room.
They talked about the possibility of some sort of splitter to be used with the IWB which would split the signal and also put the projecting picture on to a dedicated TFT monitor for the VI kids to read instead of struggling with the IWA.

They seem to have quite a bit of cash to throw at this but as it is a pilot scheme they want to get it right. What i would like is your feedback on what you do for your VI kids, what kit have you in place and how affective is it?

I will be working with the LEA on this and we would quite like to come out to a few schools (any region) and see what you have in place and see what difference you are making to the VI kids. SO any suggestions recommendations would be welcome.