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How do you do....it? Thread, Internet Video Streaming in Technical; Im just creating out school website, a number of departments have videos of classes and performances that thewy have filmed. ...
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    Internet Video Streaming

    Im just creating out school website, a number of departments have videos of classes and performances that thewy have filmed. As you can imagine they are quite large even as mpeg, around 100MB, ive tried breaking them down into 10 minute sections, but does anyone know of a way i can upload the 100mb and let it stream download??

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    Re: Internet Video Streaming

    What i've done in the past with Quicktime .mov files is save them in a bitrate broadband can handle such as 100KB/s or 50KB/s then just put them on a webserver, create some HTML to show the video embedded in a page and the video will stream (over http which isnt perfect).

    You have to get the bitrate right or the video will jump as it's buffered, also some people still don't have broadband so having a 5KB/s version is an option too.

    What we use now is Quicktime Streaming Server on an Xserve, it streams using the RTSP protocol which is much better with network latency and traffic problems.

    Im pretty sure you can get Darwin streaming server (which is what QTSS is based on) for free off tinternet somewhere!

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    Re: Internet Video Streaming

    You should also try the Windows Media 9 Series Encoder (free from MS) which has various options and is dead easy to use.

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