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How do you do....it? Thread, Network vs Local Install in Technical; Morning guys ‘n’ girls Just a quick poll to see how other people are doing things. Once upon a time ...
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    Network vs Local Install

    Morning guys ‘n’ girls

    Just a quick poll to see how other people are doing things. Once upon a time I used to get new software and I would just install onto the server and create links onto the workstations.

    But know with all these staff laptops I am finding more and more that I am doing network installs for the network workstations, but then having to create new installs for the same software for local installation onto staff laptops so they can use said software away from the network.

    Prime example Google earth. Install onto shared network drive, add shortcut to redirected start menu – 100PC done. Then when staff want it have to install again locally onto the laptop.

    So what do you do? Have two different installs? Or just install all software locally onto workstations?

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    Re: Network vs Local Install

    It's not an issue. Either the staff choose to keep the laptops on or off the network. If they are off network they don't get licenses bought for them beyond basic software like office.

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    Re: Network vs Local Install

    Licensing issues aside my preference is for local installs. With GPOs wearing out shoe leather isn't so much a problem these days.

    The benefits are speed and resilience. Speed, especailly when running app across 30 or more machines. Resilience is especially important with wireless access from laptops. You also get greater flexibility with server uptimes.

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