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How do you do....it? Thread, Staff ICT Competence Testing in Technical; Do you test for it, if so how do you test for it. I always get asked on surveys what ...
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    Staff ICT Competence Testing

    Do you test for it, if so how do you test for it.

    I always get asked on surveys what percentage of staff are competent in the use of ICT, most of the time its a guess. Is there any software out there that gives you an indication? Does anyone else even test their staff.

    Ideas very much appreciated

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    General we just know. No official process or such. Just SIMS team knows SIMS stuff, ICT guys know ICT stuff. Teachers know how to take registers, marksheets, basic office and not much else.

    No levels or such per member of staff. Training is done on mass for most staff. If they miss it, they get it later.

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