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How do you do....it? Thread, school blog in Technical; I'm thinking about setting up a blog to run along side our school website, with the idea that pupils and ...
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    school blog

    I'm thinking about setting up a blog to run along side our school website, with the idea that pupils and staff can update frequent events in school, almost as they happen.

    Ideally I want a blog that is free, can only be updated from within school - so I haven't got pupils randomly updating from home, and to have the comments facility restricted. Any suggestions?

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    If you are using Joomla for your website, you can do it already - just don't automatically publish posts.

    You could also install something like Wordpress - modules are available to integrate with Joomla if you want to do that.

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    We're just getting into this now, going to be using Joomla I think. We're not going to be offering public blogs to all, but certain staff/students/groups that we think would have something useful to tell the World.

    We're also playing with Mahara, I expect we'll end up with blogs for all through that or Wordpress (with restricted access) with just the higher profile stuff on the main Joomla site.


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