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How do you do....it? Thread, Convert RM SmartCache2 to PC in Technical; Our RM SmartCache2 has recently been replaced with what is described as a Linux Espresso Server. The SmartCache2 had done ...
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    Convert RM SmartCache2 to PC

    Our RM SmartCache2 has recently been replaced with what is described as a Linux Espresso Server. The SmartCache2 had done well and certainly still has a good bit of life in it yet so we want to convert it so that it can become a workstation. The thinking being to put XP on it. The spec looks pretty good, seems to have 2 120GB HD and 1GB of memory but one of the HD's is installed in the bay where a CD / DVD would normally sit. Anyone already converted one of these please. If so how did you set about the task and what use did you put the converted machine to?

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    Hey speccy - The SmartCache 2 runs on Linux so if you want to install XP your going to have to get your XP CD out and to a full install.

    As you say it has no CDROM drive, but you could either take the top off and plug a CDROM drive in temporarily, or use a USB CDROM drive if you ahve one (very handy!).

    Once you get into XP set up it should happily nuke the linux install for you and hey presto - XP.

    The only things you may need are the drivers for the Smartcache - eg video, lan, sound drivers. Either go to RM.com type your Smartcache serial in and download, or use google and the motherboard model number.

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