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How do you do....it? Thread, GPO for Cookies in Technical; Hi, Our ICT Department is currently trying to use the Yacapaca Website that I am sure most of you will ...
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    Cool GPO for Cookies


    Our ICT Department is currently trying to use the Yacapaca Website that I am sure most of you will be aware of, if you aren't the address is "http://www.yacapaca.com", i'm not going to go through the notions of saying what it is and why its good just look for yourself.

    We are registered with the site, both staff and pupils can log onto the site.

    But when pupils log on, they get no test assigned to them, this is also the case for staff.

    I have checked externally, and this is not the case, the website works correctly as it should.

    Now, there are few things that could be causing these issues -->

    1. YHGFL who we get our internet connection from is somehow in all there glory blocking the content that holds the tests, so my question to you is; do you use Yacapaca and are you on YHGFL Broadband, if so do you have trouble with the website?

    2. Our GPO settings, this is what I am hoping it is, as this can easily be changed, YHGFL cannot! Do you know of anywhere within GP that can restrict cookies, notably session and permenent cookies? If you do please post the location here!

    3. Cosmic Rays from the sun blocking out all exams for pupils around the Potefract area that are trying to use YacaPaca as its Friday (slim chance but who knows)

    Thanks in advance.


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