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How do you do....it? Thread, Classroom Desking Solutions in Technical; Having searched previous threads about possible re-design of classrooms, I am interested in recent schools who may have implemented this. ...
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    Classroom Desking Solutions

    Having searched previous threads about possible re-design of classrooms, I am interested in recent schools who may have implemented this. I have had a quick look at ISIS, ITBenching & Innomensa as possible suppliers/contractors. What I am really interested in is an idea of costs for an approx 22 pc suite. Anybody out there who can offer me a best guestimate of cost would be appreciated along with any other suppliers (You can include PC/Electric/data costs etc). I have quite a substantial budget but you never know if it is enough so that is why I interested in costs and suppliers. Thanks in advance.

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    Was looking at benching over Summer hols just gone, for 26 student workstations, a teacher desk and printer desk.

    We're based in South East.
    Didn't get a response from ISIS.
    Got an email from ITBenching saying that they were completely booked out over Summer and was promised a quote which never showed up, even after chasing.
    Got a visit from Computer Talk(Dagenham). The guy who came over spent a lot of time looking at our specifications and seemingly went out of his way to come up with reasons for not doing much of it. Said he'd have a look at it and send a quote over, again nothing.
    Got a quote from ABC Desking for 18k a variety of diagrams including some modifications to the ones we supplied.

    Taking into account the fact that just before Summer hols is a lousy time to be asking, we really didn't have any choice and the response was disappointing to say the least.
    Though ABC was completely out of our price range, I would at least consider them again in the future, they also have some interesting monitor stands with cable management and built-in keyboard holders.

    Ended up rehacking our old benches. Next time it may be a trip down to B&Q!

    Otherwise, our electrics and network cabling cost around 10-11k for 32 double electric points and 32 Cat5 points.

    Went with downward-facing, tamperproof CAT5 points and have completely eliminated any ongoing maintenance as a result of kids bashing the faceplates with their knees. At another site, we get a similar problem with monitors pushed up against regular faceplates, so I would definitely recommend this type of panel.

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    The last few rooms here where designed in-house, before I got here. We got a local contractor in to do the work, and it is all well built and to our spec. He is actually the school contracted chippy.

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