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How do you do....it? Thread, Networked Laptops in Technical; Hey We have been battling with offline and online sync with laptops here and I was wondering how you guys ...
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    Networked Laptops

    We have been battling with offline and online sync with laptops here and I was wondering how you guys did it, or even if you offer the "sync" style policied laptops?
    Been having a look at MS SyncToy but I dont know if thats a better solution to a fully configured offline files policy.

    Any comments/tips?

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    Re: Networked Laptops

    I have the teachers laptops configured at one of the schools I admin to run offline files. Only for their desktops, start menus and my documents though.

    It seems to work ok. I haven't had any complaints really.

    Although I do try and avoid using it if I can. Hence only the one school.

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    Re: Networked Laptops

    The rule I have is, if you want to run ANY school apps you have to have the laptop networked. I then have policies and the like to take care of syncing and stuff.

    If the laptop is not networked, they are told in no uncertain terms that they will receive no technical support (other than the insertion of the restore disks) and they can forget about using the School's software licenses (as it is eccesentially not a school machine any more). This includes software for interactive whiteboards and the like! :twisted:

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    Re: Networked Laptops

    We only provide limited support for laptops for teachers, because they're supposed to be supported by the manufacturer/vendor (ahem, yeah right).

    Other than that, laptops bought by departments/teachers/us can be put onto the network with offline files etc., with the caveat that they cannot be connected to any network connections outside school (otherwise they'll bring viruses in). Their group policy settings are tweaked very slightly to allow offline files (disabled elsewhere) so the laptops live in their own OU.

    If they don't want them networked, that's up to them and it means they can use them with their home internet, fill them up with viruses, install crap on them and bring them to us for ultra-low-priority fixing.

    Generally, laptops are more troublesome than desktops by an order of magnitude. Offline files is definitely better given to the technically switched-on staff members.

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    Re: Networked Laptops

    laptops bought in for LSB kids
    kept asside for me to configure
    Major Network problems put this to bootom of the list
    LSB staff moaned about laptops
    SMT gave them the laptops - AS IS (ie still in the boxes!!)
    I am now washing my hands of laptops - if they go wrong - then i aint taking the time to fix them!
    Though most likely scenario is - they'll never be seen again!

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