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How do you do....it? Thread, Password resetting for teachers. in Technical; Hi. What methods do you all use to allow teachers to reset passwords? In the past ive used SSPR, but ...
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    Password resetting for teachers.

    What methods do you all use to allow teachers to reset passwords?

    In the past ive used SSPR, but at the moment its very buggy for me, so im looking for alternatives.
    What ive been asked to give access to, at the moment, is password resetting and internet ban access.

    Now the latter is sorted with Smoothwall when i get the new server delivered, but the former is the troublesome one.
    Ive tryed several alternatives to SSPR.

    The Wisesoft software looks good, but gives access to a few commands i dont want on there.
    The MST software one doesnt work for some bizzare reason.
    And i cant get a custom MMC made that removes the right click abilities.

    Thoughts and suggestions?

    Thanks in advance all. .

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    We use a custom MMC to do it, the right click is not a problem because they will not have permissions to do anything with it. You have to grant the user who are going to change the password permissions in AD. Interestingly though we had an LEA IT audit not so long ago and they demanded we remove the right for any teachers to change passwords.

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    We don't allow them to. Mail a request with username and we reset to 'pass'. If we're not there at the time...shouldn't have forgotten their password then, should they!

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    If your school uses the username prefix of year of entry, i.e usernames starting in 02 through to 08, then my easy password rest tool should do what you want.

    Easy Password Reset Software

    It's not the most glamourous piece of software, it is the ronseal of password tools, as it 'does exactly what it says on the tin'


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