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How do you do....it? Thread, SIMS in the classroom in Technical; Originally Posted by S1MSMAN We do not map the a sims drive for the teachers, but edit the local connect.ini ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by S1MSMAN View Post
    We do not map the a sims drive for the teachers, but edit the local connect.ini to point to the server. This has worked well so far, until we put out the latest upgrade. Only the admin machines with the mapped sims drive automatically upgraded. The classroom machines have an error of incompatability. How have other authorities dealt with this?
    I ran SIMS over Terminal Services - saves you having to map a drive on workstations and lets you set a 3-minute (or whatever) screensaver timeout on the TS session without locking the whole computer.

    David Hicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven_Cleaver View Post
    I have a similiar problem although I don't allow access to SIM's in classrooms, we use PARS for electronic registration and staff are always leaving machines logged on. I have tried trainning, Alt+Ctrl+Delete Lock and tried informing them in the Bulletin but I have to be honest about had enough and have again informed them in the Bulletin this week, next week I am going to inform them that if I find a machine logged in and no one in the room I am going to disable the account.Then they will have to come and see me and explain why they left the machine logged in.
    Hi Steve ... have you spoken to support lads about 'time-out' options? May be something we can do....?!? jen

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