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How do you do....it? Thread, Camcorders (Possibly HD) in Technical; Anyone using Hard Disc or solid state camcorders? IT are looking at them and currently the cheapy tape ones they ...
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    Camcorders (Possibly HD)

    Anyone using Hard Disc or solid state camcorders? IT are looking at them and currently the cheapy tape ones they have are a faff, I get fed up ripping the DVD's to a file format to edit from the burner type ones but all the Memory based one seem hugely expensive. They want something better than the Flip ones but as always there is such a selection I can't narrow it down.

    Any recomendations?

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    I'd say don't bother witha hard drive or dvd based one - they're tatt

    They're laggy, drm crippled piles of plop (from my experience)

    I'd say go for a good old MiniDV anyday

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    I'd agree with domino, don't look at the medium but the quality of the HD camera....HDD or flash storage based cameras will be the norm as they become more common in prosumer cameras....but until then look for a quality miniDV camera from sony, canon, JVC or panasonic.

    There are some fantastic compact camcorders available from canon and sony priced from around 500 pounds upwards, it'd be a real shame if you didn't have the money to get atleast one really good small HD camera. The cheapo models and the AVCHD cameras are a bit of a letdown quite frankly.

    If you had a spare 4k i could recommend you a really fantastic flash memory based HD camcorder....but i'm guessing you don't have that kind of dough. shame.

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