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How do you do....it? Thread, Exchange and Pagers? in Technical; Up until recently we had a dedicated technician in our technology faculty where we have 7 of our ICT Suites, ...
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    Exchange and Pagers?

    Up until recently we had a dedicated technician in our technology faculty where we have 7 of our ICT Suites, the rest of the technicians and myself have an office on the other side of the site. Now that we don't have a dedicated technician in the faculty anymore we have been operating a rota system where by one of spends the whole day over there dealing with any problems. This seems to be a waste time as very little is actually going wrong that can't be fixed from my office - it's mainly password resets etc....

    Someone came up with the idea of a pager type system, maybe something than can integrate into Exchange. Does anybody have such a system in place or know of a system? I was also thinking about blackberries - does any body have an experience with them?

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    I have our helpdesk setup to email me to a googlemail account, then my phone picks up the emails instantly so as soon as someone submits a new ticket I get a detailed message on my phone of the problem within about 45 seconds which saves me a lot of walking! (when I say detailed it is teacher asking for support)

    School dont pay extra for me to have this though, just use it as I have internet on my mob and it saves me a lot of wasted journeys back to my office on the top floor!

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    Scope Connexions 3, Advanced on-site paging system

    That's a paging system. Don't think it'll integrate into Exchange though.

    Forward email messages directly to your pager when you are away from your desk

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    Just get a bunch of base model windows mobile phones, they will connect right up to your exchange server without a hassle giving you push email and without the server killing java monster that blackberry calls server software.

    You cold probably even get away with some PDAs with wireless in them so long as you have WiFi site wide because you can also do push email with that setup not having to involve a mobile provider at all.

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    What about email to text gateways? If you buy in enough bulk they can work out very reasonable.

    EDIT: By text I mean SMS, not just writing...

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