I setup laptops using windows offline files for the staff members home drive, syncronising at logon and logoff. It works fairly well unless the teacher has a lot of files in which case syncronising can take a while. I'm looking for a good alturnative to the standard windows offline files thou, as it's clunky and un-reliable, but I like it because it does give the best of both worlds, access to their files at home, but the files are backed up to the network for fail safe purposes.

Initially when I started at my current school, staff had laptops with network access but a local my documents folder, and the technicians would back up each laptop once a term, which I think was a tremendous waste of time, hence the offline files solution. I really don't like the idea of teachers saving work locally only, as we all know it's only a matter of time until the hard drive fails and it's all lost, or the teacher drops the laptop or it gets stolen, and we also know who would get the blame.

Offline files works a lot better with Vista by the way, as it does most of it in the background. Shame the OS itself isn't such a resouce hog, or I would consider it for staff laptops.