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How do you do....it? Thread, Moving Equipment and Deliveries in Technical; You need to be careful when you get kids to carry anything because of just that ... mind you, I've ...
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    You need to be careful when you get kids to carry anything because of just that ... mind you, I've not had any manual lifting training!

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    At the risk of bringing up an old joke ate the expense of one of the former placement students (a self-professed blonde!) it is worth mentioning that at interview we talked about previous course she had been on ... she was quite happy to get involved with all of the lifting and moving when needed, and had even been on a man handling course ... she then realised what she had said and has taken any ribbing about it in good nature.

    Then again, she has come close to man handling a few times ... usually wanting to throw particular members of staff out of the office!

    @spuffmonkey: keep an eye on her ... the tell-tale signs are muttering under the breath, staring at the unfortunate soul until they start to worry .. and then random smiling to make them paranoid! Or was that what she used to do to me? hmmmmm ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    I'd not really thought about it until this thread. The site staff move all incoming boxes in the school (including heavy paper and stationery deliveries) but when IT gear comes we get a phone call from reception and collect it ourselves.
    Same here.
    All though im fairly confident that if i asked for some help they'd give it me. .

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    Going open this up again, I also move boxes mostly with help from NM. We have a big delivery and the caretakers expect us to do all the heavy lifting. If it was a few pc etc, I wouldn't care but we have 322 new pc 100 monitors and 20 printers as well as all the old equipment to move to a location to be recycled. This is also a big problem as this going happen right in the middle of a Domain switch.

    We have asked if we could arrange some help, but the only response we get from our line manager is he will deal with it when it happens. I for one would like some classification as this will happen in the summer where Caretakers with be busy as it is.

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