Checking student's work areas for missing folders

Hi there,

This is the way that I check to see if students' work areas have gone missing.

At our school there are four student logons, Reception, Lower, Middle and Upper school. Each logon gets complete access to a share on the server, which is further divided up into Year1 or Year5, or whatever. Each year folder is then divided up into student names John Smith, Jane Smith etc.

The problem, and I guess that some of you have the same problem, is that students accidently drag and drop each others user areas into random location. Checking 270 folders can be time consuming, so my technique is this.

1. I made a copy of just the Lower User\Year1\John Smith folder structure, by copying all the data over from the server onto my client machine and then deleting all the sibdirectories and files.
2. I do a dir of my folder structure and the folder structure on the server and output the results to two files
3. I run a compare on the two output files and so I can see in seconds if a stuudent's folder is missing, or if there is extra dross in the root folder Year X.

So here's my bat file...

echo _Start Year1users > local.txt
echo _Start Year1users > remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Reception Users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "N:\Reception User\Pupil folders\" >> remote.txt
echo _Start Year1users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year1users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 1 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "L:\Lower User\Year 1 users\" >> remote.txt
echo _Start Year2users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year2users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 2 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "L:\Lower User\Year 2 users\" >> remote.txt
echo _Start Year3users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year3users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 3 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "M:\Middle User\Year 3 users\" >> remote.txt

echo _Start Year4users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year4users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 4 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "M:\Middle User\Year 4 users\" >> remote.txt
echo _Start Year5users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year5users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 5 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "O:\Upper User\Year 5 users\" >> remote.txt
echo _Start Year6users >> local.txt
echo _Start Year6users >> remote.txt
dir /B "K:\Pupilchecker\Year 6 users\" >> local.txt
dir /B "O:\Upper User\Year 6 users\" >> remote.txt
"C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe" local.txt remote.txt

I hope that makes some kind of sense!