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How do you do....it? Thread, Importing PST into Exchange 2007 in Technical; Originally Posted by faza I got the import-mailbox working but when i start an import i get the error [22/07/2008 ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by faza View Post
    I got the import-mailbox working but when i start an import i get the error

    [22/07/2008 11:55:36] [0] [ERROR] Error was found for user(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) because: Error occurred in the step: Approving object. An unknown error has occurred., error code: -2147221219

    Can anyone help

    Its probably a permissions problem you need to add the user that you are running the import command under to all Exchange Admin Groups

    Source: export-mailbox / import mailbox unknown error code -2147221219 - TechNet Forums

    There is some more information on this error message in these locations:
    Mark Minasi's Reader Forum - import-mailbox: error -2147221219
    Exchange 2007 Import PST (powershell) - Windows

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    Can I please take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting me in getting my Exchange 2007 working. I have just this one more small issue I have got this external dns mail.xxxx.org which I use for all our external e-mails. It forwards all external e-mail.

    I have set up a connector through the hub transport but the e-mails are getting stuck saying unreacheable.


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    Howdy folks, i'm having a bit of a problem trying to import a PST file into our new Exchange 2007 server.
    The users we are moving to exchange have been using a basic email hosting service provided by Fasthosts (arrgh i know), they have been downloading there emails to outlook 2003 clients, i exported there existing personnel folder to a PST file and i used the management shell to import it.
    everything seems to go fine but when i check the users new exchange inbox nothing is there.

    here is the log after i run the import
    Are you sure you want to perform this action?
    Importing mailbox content from .pst file 'c:\inbox.pst' to mailbox 'Roddy
    Fergusson'. This operation may take a long time to complete.
    [Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [S] Suspend  [?] Help
    (default is "Y"):a
    Identity                        		: domain.ccc/Org/User
    DistinguishedName      		: CN=User,OU=OrgUnit,DC=DoCo,DC=ccc
    DisplayName                		: User	
    Alias                            	: UserAlias
    LegacyExchangeDN      		: /o=Org/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=useralias
    PrimarySmtpAddress   		: user@domain.ac.uk
    SourceServer               		:
    SourceDatabase           		: NCG-MAIL\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database
    SourceGlobalCatalog     		: NCG-DC1
    SourceDomainController           	:
    TargetGlobalCatalog              	: NCG-DC1
    TargetDomainController           	:
    TargetMailbox                    	:
    TargetServer                    	: ncg-mail.domain.ccc
    TargetDatabase                   	: NCG-MAIL\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database
    MailboxSize                      	: 4233KB
    IsResourceMailbox                	: False
    SIDUsedInMatch                   	:
    SMTPProxies                      	:
    SourceManager                    	:
    SourceDirectReports              	:
    SourcePublicDelegates            	:
    SourcePublicDelegatesBL          :
    SourceAltRecipient               	:
    SourceAltRecipientBL            	:
    SourceDeliverAndRedirect         	:
    MatchedTargetNTAccountDN     	:
    IsMatchedNTAccountMailboxEnabled :
    MatchedContactsDNList          	:
    TargetNTAccountDNToCreate    	:
    TargetManager                    	:
    TargetDirectReports              	:
    TargetPublicDelegates            	:
    TargetPublicDelegatesBL          	:
    TargetAltRecipient               	:
    TargetAltRecipientBL             	:
    TargetDeliverAndRedirect         	:
    Options                          	: IncludeAssociatedMessages
    SourceForestCredential           	:
    TargetForestCredential           	:
    TargetFolder                     	:
    PSTFilePath                      	: c:\inbox.pst
    RsgMailboxGuid                   	:
    RsgMailboxLegacyExchangeDN       	:
    RsgMailboxDisplayName            	:
    RsgDatabaseGuid                  	:
    StandardMessagesDeleted   		: 0
    AssociatedMessagesDeleted      	: 0
    DumpsterMessagesDeleted        	: 0
    MoveType                         	: Import
    MoveStage                        	: Completed
    StartTime                        	: 03/09/2008 09:29:33
    EndTime                          	: 03/09/2008 09:29:33
    StatusCode                       	: 0
    StatusMessage                    	: This PST file has been imported to the mailbox.
    ReportFile                       	: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Logging\MigrationLogs\import-Mailbox20080903-092931-3967268.xml
    I also checked the size of the mailbox database and it doesn't seem to have taken any data as its still at 8KB. the file i was trying to imprt was 120mb and i tried to import the inbox only which is just over 4mb.

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