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My single biggest advise is that if you are not 100% confident in what you are doing on a virtual environment, then please don't attempt it on a live network.

As many of the posts have said, rule out rougue software causing the issues. Maybe start with LanView - which shouldn't be installed on a DC anyway!
I've now decided to do this instead & transfer over a lot of the rubbish that's on there to the second server we have.

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Look at the CPU usage and see which applications are taking most CPU / Disk and Network usage.
There are quite a few bits of software which run from the server so once these are transferred this should hopefully be reduced.

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Which ever way you look at it though, the OS is 8 years old and i'm guessing the hardware not far behind it. Perhaps add a new server with 2003 (or 2008) if you have the finances, then you can add it as a second DC which gives you an easier ride transfering the AD - along with the original server as a backup!
The server is only a year old this Summer so the hardware is pretty good - as I only work part time, term time only, a 3rd party took delivery of the new server & installed the main server stuff - I was left to do the rest.

I've now promoted our second server (same spec as main DC) to a DC too so at least we have AD on two servers now.

It is a bit of a minefield though - some decent training would be nice but we hardly have a budget for hardware nevermind training!

I appreciate all the helpful posts on here though - really does help you out of a sticky situation sometimes!