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How do you do....it? Thread, Display Audit Infomation in Technical; Hi We have carried out an staff audit asking what training sessions would you like over the next year. The ...
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    Question Display Audit Infomation


    We have carried out an staff audit asking what training sessions would you like over the next year.

    The form had 10 training session to choose from and a box next to each session name.

    The boxes have been filled in 1-10 1 being the most wanted training session.

    Now i have to display this information and workout what traing session should be booked and who should be on them.

    Anyone have a good and hopefully easy solution for this as i cant work it out.



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    Chuck the results in excel, use the formula
    =11-F6{place holder for the cell with the 1 - 10 rating in it}

    Now you have the values as 10 being the most wanted and 1 the least, total all of the values for each session across all of the staff members and then bar graph that. It should give you a nice clear graph of the staffs overall preference.

    Didn't see the bit about allocating to teachers to courses you could probably take the most popular course and then see which teachers had it within their top placings 1-3 and assign them to it and do the same for the others. I'm not really to sure on this one.

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