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How do you do....it? Thread, Setting up smoothwall on VMWARE? huh! in Technical; Our local filtering box (Freedom 2 Teach) is absolute garbage so I am trying to find an alternative. I have ...
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    Setting up smoothwall on VMWARE? huh!

    Our local filtering box (Freedom 2 Teach) is absolute garbage so I am trying to find an alternative.
    I have used censornet in the past but it seems to be a paid for service now so I thought I would have a play with smoothwall.
    My fisrt problem is I am trying to install a VMware image of it on to my local machine but when it install through VMware it has an iprange of 192.168.*.* whereas my network is on a 10.60.*.* range.
    Now I'm not sure if this matters as VMware seems to create a bridge and I can ping the vmware cards that are installed by vmware but I can't ping the ipaddress of the red and green cards in smoothwall.

    I won't go on any further as I'm babbleing but am I doing everything correctly?


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    Cards and smoothwall...

    You can get smoothwall in three different versions.

    One does just web filtering (one nic) - Network Guardian

    The other does network filtering and also acts as a firewall - School Guardian
    School Guardian has two or more network cards, can do routing and NAT for you, etc.

    If you want just filtering and you already have a good firewall, you might want to try Network Guardian.
    You should configure it's one IP address to be within your existing IP range

    There is also Mobile Guardian for laptops - haven't tried that...

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    Diggory is right.
    The first step is "how many NICs do you want" - if its VM, the answer is almost certainly one, as you don't really want to do firewall over VM.

    next step - is this just a local test, or do I want some other PCs to go through it. If the latter, use VMWares NAT'd interface, and set the smoothie's IP accordingly (VMNat will be on a 10.0.xx.0 usually IIRC - the gateway will be .2, set smoothe ito .<higher than 2>!), if you want others to see the smoothie, set up VM's bridged networking and use an IP/netmask from your existing network.



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