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How do you do....it? Thread, Log On Screen in Technical; Originally Posted by button_ripple Well said. ;-) I never use scripts - no need at all. The easiest way to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by button_ripple View Post
    Well said. ;-) I never use scripts - no need at all. The easiest way to do the message at log on is to use the Group Policy, nice and simple and that is what they are made for. Why script something from scratch when someone has already included a feature to do it for you?

    Go for the Group Policy Tabby! I am 16 as well and trust me, policies are much easier than scripts!
    I bet you 50p you will need to use a script one day for something

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    Scripts aren't the answer to everything (and if they're not documented then they can be a complete nightmare for the next person along) but they can give you incredible flexibility.

    For example, you can display a notice before a user logs on using GP but I don't think you can display one after they log on and I can't think of any way you can tailor the logon message to the particular location, user, time of day etc without using a script.

    Group policy preferences (new in Server 2008 but also available for XP/2003 - just need to be managed from Vista or 2008) remove the need for some of the scripts you might now use but not all.

    How will you cope with creating users without using a script? We need up to 500 of them per day at the start of the year; even once term is under way we can have 20-30 per day. What about server backups? How do you make sure that all of them get done and checked without using a script?

    Not having a go at you, just giving you food for thought :-) Things which seem easy when you have 1 or 2 computers (or even 1 or 2 hundred) get much more difficult when you have thousands of them and you grab every possible way of automating things!

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