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How do you do....it? Thread, Online reporting for parents in Technical; More of a How are you going to do it. I have just been reading up on the becta website ...
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    Online reporting for parents

    More of a How are you going to do it.

    I have just been reading up on the becta website about the Online Reporting Timescale for Primary schools.
    Primary schools must meet the basic requirement by September 2010 and the online requirement by 2012, though many are already on this journey.
    Now without trying to make work for myself I am just curious if anyone has started thinking about this, and how do they think they will be tackling it ?

    Will this need to be another expensive SIMS .net addon or can we use some other methods.

    2 - 4 years isn't a very long time.

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    Not my problem(tm). It's up to my LEAs Sims.Net support team and Captia to figure this one out and the head to pay for it.

    However on a practical note, I believe the Sims.Net 'Webparts' module has something to do with this. It's been mentioned on the forums here before.

    SIMS Webparts
    SIMS Web Parts

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