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How do you do....it? Thread, Student PC Setups in Technical; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gloriousglenn View Post
    Hi everybody!

    How do you all set up your PC's so that the students cannot 'break them'?

    I am after a simple way of being able to set them up so that they can't change the desktop picture, access the control panel, change settings etc etc.

    I don't mind if it is done through a MMC or 3rd party software....just nice and simple please!!!

    I only need to do one as I will then create an image onto an external HD and copy it across to the other PC's.

    Any help/idiots guides would be appreciated.

    Here is one usefull piece of software to do what you need to do.


    This free trial is a software version of the reset card with similar functions. Very simple to use and cheap to buy I look forward to your comments following your free evaluation.

    Please install on a clean pc no reset card hardware required.

    License costs will be approx £5 for singles will haggle for 10 license keys or more.

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    I think I've pretty much sussed it with GPO and SteadyState. A couple of teething problems but with trial and error I'll get there.

    Many thanks for everybody who has replied....As always it's very much appreciated.

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