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How do you do....it? Thread, Setting up computers for Exam use in Technical; Hi All, We use a few laptops in exams for pupils with Support for Learning needs, and I've just been ...
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    Setting up computers for Exam use

    Hi All,

    We use a few laptops in exams for pupils with Support for Learning needs, and I've just been thinking about how to change the way we set them up. What I'm thinking of doing is:
    Two different log-ins: one for use with spellcheck on Word and one for spellcheck disabled (which I intend to do through security permissions on files used by spellchecker).
    Security settings denying exam users the ability to run desktop/all program icons for subject software.
    Power settings to 'Always on'.
    Wireless disabled.

    These accounts will be disabled when laptops are in normal classroom use to minimise the chance of the profiles becoming corrupt.

    We have XP Sp2 laptops on Exchange 2003 based network.

    How do you set up your laptops/computers when used for exams?

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    On desktops I've setup a batch of accounts that are only for exams, in a separate OU so I can apply custom GPOs against them.

    Each of these accounts points to a mandatory profile I created with almost everything locked down on it, no including memory stick access.

    The desktop is bright yellow too so we spot if anyone is using a different account.

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    We only use Wordpad for exams use. No spell check or any other funny business. This is what we do. We require usb sticks to be enabled for taking to print out in exams office. Does anyone use anything else other than word and wordpad? I would like a really like wordpad but with autosave function switched on, as at the moment we just encourage the student to save often. Have thought about using normal networked stations but am fearful if there was a powercut.

    Making a Laptop Exams Ready
    • Windows Updates
    • AV Updates
    • From Windows Components Uninstall Games and MSN Messenger
    • Create User Exams with Password XXXX
    • Ensure only active users on a local the local system are administrator, exams and ASPNET.
    • Make sure that there are at least HP Laserjet 4L and 2430 printers installed on the laptop.
    • Make exams user and administrator of the local pc.
    • Copy “All Users” Icons to Administrator
    • Move “All Users” Icons to Default User

    • Login to Local PC as exams
    • Remove Icons not required (Leaving only wordpad) Configure desktop so no icons appear on desktop and no icons on menu bar.
    • Turnoff Advanced Text Services
    • Run Wordpad
    • Disable any Power Saving or Screen Savers. Remove need for password when returning from standy. (If lid is closed.)
    • Mute Speaker
    • Empty Recycle Bin
    • Logoff Exams

    • Login as local admin
    • Remove exams from Local Administrators group.
    • In Explorer Tools Folder Options View Remove tick from Simple File Sharing
    • Add Deny security permission for exams user to the folders under program files for :-
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Frontpage
    msn gaming zone
    Windows Media Player
    Real Alternative
    Media Player Classic
    Shared Documents
    • Disable showing of network icon if no network present.
    • In BIOS
    a. Disable Touchpad, so students don't accidently move mouse when typing on laptop.
    b. Make Sure Password is on
    c. only boot device is IDE-0

    • Log Back in as Exams and make sure all works as expected, all keys work on keyboard and usb sticks can be used and files can be saved to the local my documents. Deleting those test files when complete.

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    We have exam accounts in an ou that are locked down as much as possible and no internet. Plus I have to apply a group policy to the computers in the room on the room ou to diable cd, usb, and floppy drives.


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    Wordprocessor other than Wordpad for Exam Use?

    Upto present we have used Microsoft Wordpad for Word Processor allowed External Examinations use.

    This being primarily chosen as it has NO spell check at all and very limited formatting abilities so there is no chance of misconfiguration.

    In 2009 A2 OCR Exam 2879 Business Studies Thematic Enquiry, I am on the understanding that Underlining, Bullet Points, Bold, Tabs and New Pages count toward marks so Microsoft Wordpad is just not good enough. I would like to use Microsoft Word but would not want to leave anything available to the student that they shouldn’t have. Does anyone have any pre configured settings that we could use for word or another word processor programme available which has only the facilities available that the student should be able to use? These systems are not connected to the rest of the network and work on a standalone basis.

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    In the above document published by the JCQ there is information related to the use of Word Processors for Exams. At the bottom of the section 2.8.3 there is an interesting line for those who are using PC's connected to a network no matter how well locked down....

    "must not be connected to an Intranet or any other means of communication."

    Now if it is locked down I wouldn't see a problem, but would they?

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