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How do you do....it? Thread, Prevent moving of folders in Technical; I know this has been covered a few times (i did search) But we have issues of Children and Staff ...
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    Prevent moving of folders

    I know this has been covered a few times (i did search)

    But we have issues of Children and Staff accidentally dragging and dropping folders into one another.

    I have tried setting the folder security to delete=deny but this breaks M$ Publisher from saving to the folder.

    Any suggestions ?

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    interested in this also... The staff have a habit of moving folders and then forgetting where they put them

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    I'd like a solution also as the little darlings somehow manage to put folders within folders within folders - which takes longer for me to find them. I'm sure some of them do it on purpose.

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    I presume you are running a simple nested shared folder system like me in a primary.

    AFAIK there isn't a solution (Mind you didn't know about delete=deny setting so I'll have a play with it as we don't used publisher for the pupils)

    My compromise (security/ease of shared use) is to have a simple class selection dialog box come up which lets pupils select which set of folders gets mapped to a drive letter (P.

    The pupils are taught to just run the same program when they take over a computer that is already up and running, before they start using it

    This simplifies the problem in that they then normally only affect 1 other pupil when their finger slips (they don't normally do it deliberately ) and the teacher can usually find where its gone quite quickly

    Another good idea is to teach ones that have trouble double-clicking, to single click on a folder instead and then press Return to open it up - this helps to cut down on the problem as well

    I've attached my program (It's an AutoIt script) and an ini file l=thats lets you set up which sub-folders of the main shared folder are mapped for each class.


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