Not really a tecchy issue, but I suspect many users will be involved in this kind of thing.

I am responsible for the tracking and monitoring of pupil performance. This has been working all very well up to now.....the school had a realtively simple KS4 curriculum, all GCSE or vGCSE. So simply a case of using the various methods out there for setting estimates from prior attainment, and comparing regular assessements to these "benchmarks"....a simple case of comparing point scores.

This year the new head has bought in mandatory BTECs for all pupils, so I now have a wide range of BTEC subjects to cater for in my tracvking systems.

The problem I have got is that none of the standard prediction systems I have access to (FFT, CATS, YELLIS, RAISEonline, Jesson) do not cater for BTEC subjects AT ALL!

They all just deal with GCSE subjects and grades.

I've been using the general rule that a predcition of A/B/C in GCSE translates to D/M/P for BTEC in a similar type of subject, since this is how the DCSF deals with them in terms of point scores.

BUT I feel this is not really working that well for predictions. Firstly if a pupil is predicted below a C in GCSE, this is translating as a preiction of a Fail in BTEC!! Not really ideal. So I have aspplied the rule that no pupil can be predicrted lower than a P (pass).

How do others deal with BTEC/GNVQ subjects in tracking systems?

Anyone know of any datasets out there that link prior performance to BTEC outcomes at KS4? I've looked but can't find any!