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How do you do....it? Thread, The backup plan in Technical; Originally Posted by dave.81 Do you use the networked LaCie of that size, if so which one do you have, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dave.81 View Post
    Do you use the networked LaCie of that size, if so which one do you have, how have you set it up? Simple windows backup to mapped drive?

    Yes we use a networked LaCie and NTBackup.

    Basically, I've got a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday folder for the server Monday's full backup replaces the previous Monday's full backup and so on. It's lovely not changing tapes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    It works for us, it should work for you, but it would be up to you AND YOUR SMT to make a decision about where acceptable risk crosses the affordability line.

    I've found tapes to be nothing but trouble. Replacing them every 12 months is no guarantee they'll be readable when you need them.

    If you want belt and braces have TWO External HDDs and swap them or keep them in separate locations!
    I found AIT to be nothing but trouble......but then i discovered LTO.

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    we do full backups using veritas onto tape for our 2 dc's. We backup our other servers to a backup server with raid 5 array, this syncs weekly with a usb drive which we store offsite.

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    Been looking at a SAN solution which incorporates a D2D2Tape solution which will have a 10Tb capacity uncompressed which will last the school for the next 5 years this will be managed with Acronis Enterprise software.
    These following factors have been thought about when looking at the backup solution:

    1. ease of use
    2. how much data needs to be backed up
    3. how much time to back up (at present)
    4. Live incremental backup for when schools go 24/7 365
    5. restoration times including full DRP
    6. reliability
    7. Cost

    This system will probably be in the thousands but will be totally scalable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    I would say that being without any kind of off-site backup is not an acceptable risk (no matter how far away the backup device is from the server room).

    But, each to their own I suppose.
    So a backup device in a building half a mile away is not an acceptable risk? I'm sure some of the users of this forum live within this radius of their school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerrymoralee9280 View Post
    @Sylv3r: That's the kind of set up I'm pushing for. Ideally I want a server used purely for file serving to run the backups using BackupExec. All the files and system states from the other servers go to this backup server via a NAS box and then on to tape.
    Feel free to have a look down to see it in action or I can send the necessary information on the equipment used and costs if necessary.

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    Just a cautionary note on NTBackup. If the file on the drive or tape becomes corrupted there is no procedure/method to recover individual files from out of the good bits of the file. So if your 250gb backup file has a couple of bad errors in it that keeps it from mounting there is no easy published way to recover any files from the backup.

    We use NTBackup but we split up the resources into multiple jobs ie. Exchange, System state, User Docs, Shared Drives this way if one of the files is damaged the whole lot is not lost.

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