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How do you do....it? Thread, Two copies of xp on the hard drive. in Technical; This is my first posting so I hope I am doing it right! I have just re-installed xp on a ...
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    Question Two copies of xp on the hard drive.

    This is my first posting so I hope I am doing it right!
    I have just re-installed xp on a laptop using an upgrade disc with a volume license and now when I boot up I get asked to choose from the two copies. One is my new installation and the other is the old one with all the applications I had hoped toget rid of.
    Do I have to format the HD and start again or can I delete the old copy so that the laptop always boots with the new copy?
    Sorry if this is too easy for all of you but I would appreciate some advice.

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    As long as you're careful.. you could delete the old copy.

    You could always ignore too and change how long those options appear for so it doesn't ask you...

    I'd be inclined to format it though, much cleaner and it'll definately clear it all out for you etc.

    I think when you end up with that choice, both OS's share the same Program Files folder etc... not sure.

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    Upgrade or Full install Disc?

    I totally agree with Lithium on this one, formatting the hdd is definitely the way to go, but......
    If you did the install with an upgrade disc, I'm assuming you did so from the windows GUI, because AFAIK, upgrade discs will only install over an old copy of windows, and cannot be booted from and installed fresh. (I could be wrong, it has happened ;-) )
    However, if you have a full XP install disc with volume license, I think you should be fine.
    It's even possible you can download a copy of XP from the microsoft volume licensing site (here) if your license allows it.

    Hope this helps and I'm not totally wrong and misleading you here.


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