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How do you do....it? Thread, Digital Signage purposes in Technical; Originally Posted by TeddyKGB Exactly..another pie in the sky idea and a scandalous waste of taxpayers money i think if ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyKGB View Post
    Exactly..another pie in the sky idea and a scandalous waste of taxpayers money
    i think if you can't develop interesting, eye-catching content and displays for the system then it is a waste of money, but when used correctly it is reasonably effective in foyer areas....although i think it's more important to actually see people within a few minutes of them arriving instead of a doctors waiting room situation where you need a TV for them to stare at instead of their watches while they wait to be attended to.

    same is true for video conferencing, if used correctly it's a smart investment, unfortunately the vision and drive isn't there to enable proper use therefore they become 'white elephants'.

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    I agree with Torledo. The key factors with avoiding a 'white elephant', is location and content. Having a screen in an area where no one is going to see it, makes it useless. And having content that is either dull or irrelevant, again makes it useless.

    The benefits of having a content rich, well located screen are many though.

    It can be possible to show off not only the pupils' work and latest news about the school, but also real-time information. By linking into existing RSS feeds, a screen (or number of screens) can show information from a number of sources.

    I'm thinking here of government initiatives, local council news, academic results (assuming these are stored on a PC somewhere).

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    We have 2 at the mo and plan to expand the system. We show:

    Photos/movies showing students achievements, external trips.
    Information on Clubs and support groups
    Exam Timetables
    News via RSS, BBC news, Science news etc. (Also TV in specific locations)
    School News
    Welcome to visitors
    Special displays for after school activities such as open evenings, concerts etc.
    Urgent messages for whole school or individuals.
    We can even show exit signs where appropriate.

    The hardest part is actually getting the staff to give you the material to go on it. It took us a while but some staff here are now regular contributers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbrown View Post
    I'm not sure what digital signage is, but I suppose it achieves the same purpose as our large VDU.
    We display mainly PhotoStories made from school trips, pupils' work, activities in school - sports, special assemblies, performances - and themed presentations that teachers have made for use in lessons.
    These are occasional displays and are very popular: teachers often bring their classes to watch them.
    Most of the time it is not in use. Several reasons: the head thinks it has more impact that way; work involved in generating new displays; not easy to set up (qv.)

    I wasn't here when it was installed, but I'd be surprised if there was any discussion or thought about what it would be used for!

    I gather real digital signage works over "switched ethernet" or "cat 5 as analogue..", but ours is simply a vdu. So I need to attach a computer via a VDU cable. The mistake we made (imo) was to have the socket installed in the head's office. He really does have a literally open door policy, but even so it is not always possible to get in to set up a computer just when you need to (meetings, confidential interviews, etc). If the socket were in the general office, the staff room, or even the boiler room, it would be easier.

    Could you not put tight VNC or similar on it and use a remote viewing client?(Lanview 3 by MST software is a great totally free utility we use - Google it)

    That would get around the problem of not being able to access the physical computer.

    Just a thought

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    If you use sharepoint for your intranet you'll find that most will be able to get the daily messages from that via an rss feed and display it on the screen.

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