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How do you do....it? Thread, Anti-Bullying SMS to email hotline? in Technical; I have just been asked how might we set up an SMS - email helpline that allows students to ask ...
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    Anti-Bullying SMS to email hotline?

    I have just been asked how might we set up an SMS - email helpline that allows students to ask for help via SMS rather that calling a number if they dont want to talk.

    Email is easy but they might not have an email account.

    My initial thoughts are of an email account that picks up SMS messages and puts them in an inbox that a member of staff monitors?

    Anyone already doing this or software out there.

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    We are not doing exactly that, but we use BulkSMS which provides an SMS to email reply service which would do what you want (but you need to track numbers to relate a number to a person). They also have a reasonable set of API's so if the basic services don't meet your needs, someone with good programming skills will find it fairly straightforward to craft what you want.

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    You can get some android apps that'll forward SMS to an email account - would that work?

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    We use this:The Sharp System

    Works very well and very cheap too!

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