Hello, all..

(Eep - another begging post. I'll return the favour some day - honestly!!)

I did search for this, but "Office" and "template" seems to bring up 1000001 hits, and I've got folk breathing down my neck.. Mutter.

We moved to Office 2010 (woo!) this Summer, and someone has raised an issue where certain online templates don't work.

On investigating further, I've found they DO work - just not behind a proxy.

The example I've used in my experiments is this:

Conference Agenda With Tracks

In work, I get:

Template Download Error

The template cannot be downloaded. To fix this problem, do the following:

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet (It is)
Make sure your browser is no in offline mode (it isn't)
Try to download the template again later (I've tried for several days)

If I take one of our work laptops home with me, and login using cached credentials and change IE to go direct, then it works absolutely fine.

Our Infrastructure guys can't see anything on their Trend or Websense consoles...

I'm hoping someone here's run into the same issue, and can suggest a workaround.

We don't have unauthenticated anything out to anywhere, basically

I've found a few sites saying to allow unauthenticated connections out to assorted Microsoft sites, but they list about 20 of the things - which is going to be a HARD sell for me to get cleared.

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated.