A non work related question here - Just finished building a new HTPC for my living room yesterday and I am using a new WDmycloud 4tb drive with all my resources on. I would like to set it up so that any device, whether its my dining room PC or the HTPC in the living room cannot accidentally deleted the contents from the NAS box. I have created folders on the NAS using the web console, but cannot fathom out if its the NTFS permissions on the two PC's which should be battened down or if I am missing some permission type thing on the NAS folders. End result I am trying to achieve is that both PCs should only have read access only to the mapped drives (might make an exception to Windows administrator logins) but really only being able to delete files and folders via the web console makes it less likely for accidental deletion!)

Might just be something really simple that I am overlooking here..

Any help would be greatly appreciated