Its a dream of mine to get direct access working however its proving hard to obtain another external IP address for my server which seems the easiest way for me to do it. I do however have a working Remote Gateway onsite we use for remote apps and the odd RDP session into the building. My question is do you think I could set server up for DA and use the Remote Gateway as the connection point or would I have to use the remote gateway server as the server running direct access or third of all, am I barking up the wrong tree and just need to get hold of another external IP address (I have an ISA onsite but its proving hard for me to make it point DA traffic at the correct server).
The more I think about it the more I think just adding direct access role on my server running as a Remote gateway is the way to go but as I didn't set that up, I am reluctant to bugger about with it and would rather use another purpose build server so I can keep any noob damage I cause to a minimum.

help, suggestions, thoughts all welcome.